21st Apr2016

The Entertainment Website Readers Choice Best in Film

by timbaros

Better late than never, the winners of The Entertainment Website Readers Choice Best in Film 2015 have been revealed and it’s no surprise that some of the winners were also winners at the Oscars, BAFTA’s and Golden Globes.
images-424The Revenant was your Best Film of last year. It ecked out a win in this category, with Carol, Tangerine and 45 years not far behind. Shockingly, The Revenant lost out the Best Picture Oscar to Spotlight.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the overwhelming choice for Best Actor – taking 40% of the vote in this category – for his performance in The Revenant (which won him every acting award!). Tom Hanks for Bridge of Spies and Michael Fassbender for his performance as Steve Jobs were second and third, respectively.

images-425Brie Larson was chosen as your favorite performance by an Actress. The Room star, who also won the Oscar, barely won this category.  Cate Blanchett for Carol, Charlotte Rampling for 45 Years and Carey Mulligan for Suffragette were not too far behind.


Sylvester Stallone was your overwhelming favorite for  best performance by a Supporting Actor for his comeback role in Creed. Tom Hardy for the Revenant and Benicio Del Toro for Sicario were far behind in the voting.

Charlize Theron won Supporting Actress by the largest lead of all the acting categories – 60%. She won for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina and Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs were far behind.

Your choice for Best Director was Oscar winner Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu for The Revenant. He won with 100% of the vote, no other director received a vote.

There was a three-way tie for Best Animated Film – Inside Out, Maya the Bee and Raise the Flag. It’s a write-in category so each one received the same number of write-in votes.

Thanks to you, the readers, for taking the time to vote. We can’t wait to see your choices for next year!