05th Apr2017

I Am Michael (DVD)

by timbaros

MBF141VOD.05James Franco is very convincing as a man who renounces his homosexuality to lead a religious straight life in the film I Am Michael.

Franco is one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. One look at his IMDB page shows an incredible 21 upcoming projects with a mix of indie and blockbuster films. He also likes to mix up his repertoire (and keep his fans guessing) by playing gay characters. He was a gay porn producer in King Cobra, and he directed and produced the 2013 controversial film Interior. Leather Bar. And now in I Am Michael, Franco has his gayest role yet. It’s based on the true story of Michael Glatze, who claimed he was no longer gay and became a straight pastor. But in 1999, Michael was in a gay relationship with boyfriend Bennett (Zachary Quinto) and was the editor of the successful real-life XY Magazine, while at the same time living in San Francisco – it was the ultimate gay life and gay lifestyle. But Bennett’s father has a job for him in Halifax, Canada, so they relocate there – it’s a city with not much to do, but they end up hooking up with the young goodlooking Tyler (Charlie Carver). But after a few panic attacks, and memories of his late father and mother, Michael starts to question his homosexuality – he starts re-evaluate his life, loves, and takes up to reading the bible for answers, until one day he leaves it all behind for a new life.


Shot in just 20 days in New York, on a budget of $2.5 million, I Am Michael didn’t get the proper cinema release that it deserved. It’s done the film festival circuit and it’s only now being released, on video on demand. Writer and Director Justin Kelly keeps the movie flowing, and it never once loses faith of it’s subject matter. Franco superbly carries this film (though his hairstyle seems to change in every scene) and the rest of the cast excellently support him. It’s a highly recommended watch not just for it being a gay film – it’s Franco’s performance that is more than worth the watch.

I am Michael is out now on DVD/Amazon/HMV/FOPP/ASDA

I am Michael [DVD] (DVD)

Director: Justin Kelly
Starring: James Franco, Emma Roberts, Daryl Hannah
Rating: Suitable for 15 years and over

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04th Mar2017

Life on the Line (DVD)

by timbaros

Travolta_Life-on-the-LineJohn Travolta stars as a lineman whose job it is everyday to risk his life while repairing electrical wires in the new film ‘Life on the Line.’.

‘Life on the Line’ follows a film formula that we’ve seen way too many times. The loss of both her parents shatters the life of a little girl and she is raised by the uncle who happens to do the same job as her father, a job that killed him. Travolta is her uncle Beau Ginner (what a name!). After her father gets electrocuted while repairing wires on a telephone line, and after her mother gets killed in a car crash on the way to the hospital – it is up to Beau to raise Bailey. Now older, Bailey (Kate Bosworth), still has to live with the fact that, like her father, Beau may never make it back home again due to the perils of his job. Throw in a subplot about a dodgy neighbor, a major storm on the horizon that could threaten Bailey’s life, and also how ridiculous Travolta looks with a beard and hair that is dyed black, and it’s a film that’s as unbelievable and anti-dramatic (and anti-climatic) as anything you’ve seen in quite a long time.

Travolta’s work tends to be very good (last year’s award winning ‘The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story’) or very very bad (2013’s ‘Killing Season’ and last year’s ‘I Am Wrath’). ‘Life on the Line’ doesn’t do him much justice. The plot is very predictable and the ending is ridiculous. ‘Life on the Line’ is having a digital and DVD release (and not theatrical) which always implies that the film was not good enough for theatrical distribution. Here is a link to the trailer so that you can decide for yourself if you want to watch it further (the trailer pretty much gives away much of the plot): https://youtu.be/L_5HrzU1S1E.

20th Jan2016

Last Shift (DVD)

by timbaros

Last Shift_Image1It’s the last shift, and pretty much the end of the road, for rookie Police Officer Jessica Loren in the new DVD release ‘Last Shift.’

Loren (played by Juliana Harkavy from television’s The Walking Dead) has been assigned the last shift at a police station that is being shut down – and it’s the graveyard shift. When she arrives at ten p.m., she’s met by officer Ryan Price (Matt Doman) who tells her to expect a very quiet night – the only interruption he says that she should expect is by a company picking up needles and bio hazard waste products stored in one of the back rooms. And for some strange reason he tells her not to go back there at all. Once Officer Price leaves, all hell break loose. Loren starts receiving phone calls from a distressed young woman who says she’s being held hostage, but all calls were supposed to be automatically directed to the new police station. Loren then has to deal with a homeless man who has somehow broken into the station and who relieves himself in the lobby. Once Loren locks him up, she starts hearing strange noises, and seeing things that are not normal: blood, dead bodies, lights going on and off, visions of young women crying for help, and dead bodies hanging by ropes from the ceiling. But it’s up to Loren to decide that if what she’s seeing is real or just in her head. A phone call from her dead police officer father really messes with her mind. And Loren doesn’t know about the events that took place at that police station years ago – deaths that were extremely gruesome and so unimaginable – perhaps this is why the station is haunted? Or is it? Officer Loren is certainly not alone.

Last Shift_Image5

‘Last Shift’, billed as a supernatural horror film, is brought to us by Writer and Director Anthony DiBlasi (‘Most Likely To Die’). It’s a dark film, very dark. And the scares and frights come at us right and left, up and down, and sideways. It all builds up to a very intense and unexpected ending (though the final scene in the film is a bit silly). At 85 minutes, ‘Last Shift’ is worth clocking in for.

‘Last Shift’ is now available on DVD and VOD.

Here’s a look at the trailer: