06th Sep2013

You’re Next – Film

by timbaros

The Davison family – the parents and their 4 children with their partners – all get together at the family’s very large vacation house in the middle of nowhere. Little do they know what fate they face their first evening, in the new film You’re Next.

Not quite a horror film, not quite a slasher film, You’re Next is more of a survival film, survival of the fittest. It is unique in that (I am not giving anything away here based on what is shown in the trailers) members of the family get killed one by one, beginning when they all sit down to a family dinner.

Son Felix (Nicholas Tucci) brings along his girlfriend Erin (a very tough Shami Vinson) to meet the members of his family. The two other brothers bring their partners, one of them, Zee (Wendy Glenn) is not who she appears to be.  Meanwhile their daughter Aimee (Amy Seimetz) brings along her new goodlooking boyfriend.

Parents Aubrey and Paul (Barbara Crampton and Rob Moran) are happy to have the children and their partners under one roof, and to meet them for the first time.

At the family’s first dinner, son Tariq (Ti West) thinks he see something moving outside, and he goes to the window to investigate, and gets shot in the head. What happens next and throughout the film is the fate of the unknown. What is out there? What or who is doing this? This is what makes You’re Next more unique than the other films that are in the same genre. The surprises of what happens next, who is next, and who will survive. And when the plot twist is revealed near the, you will be very surprised. And at the very end there is another plot surprise that that comes very unexpectedly. Enjoy.