18th Sep2015

The Messenger / Infini (Film)

by timbaros

_MG_71227t5a6625-infini_movie-2Two films with scary themes open in cinemas on Friday, one doesn’t deliver while one will thrill, and scare, you.

The Messenger

In ‘The Messenger,’ Jack (Robert Sheehan of television’s Misfits) has problems. Not only has he experienced death at a very young age, he also sees dead people.

War correspondent Mark (Jack Fox) is murdered a few feet away from the flat he shares with his pregnant wife Sarah (Tamzin Merchant). Dead Mark asks alive Jack to visit his alive wife and to deliver a message. Well, it’s a message that takes over an hour to deliver. In between, we see alive Jack being reunited with his estranged sister alive Emma (Lily Cole – not at her best – she has a blank face throughout the film), both still struggling over the loss of their father at a young age. It’s all conflict and craziness as alive Jack can’t distinguish between fantasy from reality. It’s the audience who has to guess whether alive Jack is insane or whether he is actually able to see dead people. It’s the message, or lack of one, that ‘The Messenger’ fails to deliver to it’s audience in an excruciating 101 minutes. Joely Richardson is wasted as Jack’s alive Psychiatrist.

‘The Messenger’ is in cinemas on September 18th, 2015


One man, all alone in an off-world mining facility, is waiting to be rescued. When he is rescued, all hell breaks loose. This is ‘Infini,’ a ‘Gravity’ meets ‘Star Trek’ science fiction film.

Whit Carmichael (Daniel Macpherson), is the only survivor of a team sent into a space station facility to confront an unidentified (not human?) enemy. Eight fellow astronauts are beamed in to help bring him back alive. But the enemy still lurks within, and the eight, plus Carmichael, are trapped in the facility, with no way out. Will they survive? And who, or what, killed the other members of Carmichael’s team?

‘Infini’ is a claustrophobic film that elicits it’s drama and frights from the unknown. Writer/Director/Producer Shane Abbess gets good performances from his cast, which also includes Luke Hemsworth (of the Hemsworth brothers) and Grace Huang. ‘Infini’ is a thriller that will thrill, and especially scare, you.

‘Infini’ arrives in UK cinemas and on demand on 18 September. Own it on DVD from 21 September