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13th Jul2014

Boyhood – Film

Boyhood was filmed over the span of 12 years (one week per year) to capture the story of a young boy, who right before your eyes, turns...

13th Jul2014

The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Theatre

Five sisters make up The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is now playing at The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. India, Willow, Gemma, Garden and Mouse are...

05th Jul2014

Chelsea Handler – Theatre

You either love her or you don’t love her. America’s most biting talk show host – Chelsea Handler – is coming to London. Promoting her new book...

05th Jul2014

Delivery Man – DVD

David Wozniak is a meat delivery driver. He also owes money to the mob. He has a girlfriend that can’t trust him. And he’s the father of...

05th Jul2014

Last Vegas – DVD

First we had The Hangover parts 1, 2 and 3, for the boys. Then we had Bridesmaids, for the girls. Now we have Last Vegas, for the...

29th Jun2014

Chef – Film

Chef, now playing in cinemas, is a real treat, from start to finish. Jon Favreau, who also wrote, produced and directed, plays Carl Casper, a chef in...

29th Jun2014

Cold in July – Film

Two television stars, one big and one who used to be big, pair up in the new film Cold in July. It’s a film that would actually...

21st Jun2014

Lone Survivor – DVD

On June 27, 2005, the war in Afghanistan claimed the lives of 20 soldiers, the worst single day loss of life for the Naval Special Warfare personnel...

15th Jun2014

Battle Company: Korengal & Road (Documentaries) – Film

Battle Company: Korengal Sebastian Junger is a journalist who has been around and seen it all. Now he’s back with a new documentary called Battle Company: Korengal....

13th Jun2014

Soho Cigarette – Film

Looking for a stylish, black and white film about Soho and it’s denizens? Look no further than the new film Soho Cigarette. Showing at the East End...

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