30th Aug2015
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45 Years (Film)

A 45-year relationship is in trouble after Geoff Mercer receives a letter informing him of news about his first love, which his wife Kate did not know...

30th Aug2015

Monsters: Dark Continent (DVD)

The highly successful 2010 film ‘Monsters’ saw the arrival of giant tentacled monsters to Earth. It’s sequel ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ has five army men in a Middle...

30th Aug2015

The Phoenix Incident (DVD)

On March 13th, 1997 four men disappeared near Phoenix, Arizona, the same night that strange, unidentified and unexplained lights were seen hovering around the area. The newly...

28th Aug2015

The Clinic (Theatre)

What happens when you go to a clinic? Well, if you’ve been taking drugs and having lots of unsafe sex, then you might be more likely be...

23rd Aug2015

Escobar: Paradise Lost (Film)

A young Canadian man finds himself in the world of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and doesn’t realize it comes with a high price until it’s too...

23rd Aug2015

Pressure (Film)

Four men are tasked with fixing an oil pipeline hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface in the Somali Basin but quickly run into trouble in the...

22nd Aug2015
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State of the Art Cinema exhibition (Film)

    Residing at The Strand Gallery, the STATE OF THE ART CINEMA exhibition includes nearly 100 posters, images and photographs – giving a snapshot of British...

15th Aug2015

I am Chris Farley (DVD)

American Comedian Chris Farley was only 33 when he died of a cocaine and morphine overdose a few days before Christmas in Chicago in 1997. The new...

19th Jul2015
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Elephant Song (DVD)

At only 26 years old, French Canadian Xavier Dolan already has five films under his directorial belt, all of which have been well received and critically acclaimed....

19th Jul2015

Mommy (DVD)

Wonderkind Director Xavier Dolan’s films all have some sort of a mother theme. His latest film, Mommy, is no exception. It’s a craft full and clever told...

12th Jul2015

Suite Francaise (DVD)

In the early 1940’s a young woman wrote a novel about the romance between a young French Jewish woman and a German soldier. The writings were found...

04th Jul2015

Magic Mike XXL (Film)

The Kings of Tampa are back! These men, the strippers from Magic Mike, return with a sequel – Magic Mike XXL – they are back with a...

04th Jul2015

Bend it Like Beckham (Theatre)

Does a musical version of the hit film “Bend it Like Beckham” work? You bet it does! The plot from the film is successfully transformed into a...

19th Jun2015

Accidental Love (Film)

“Accidental Love,” shot in 2008 but not released until now, is not as bad as expected considering it’s been on the shelf for 7 years. Why did...

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