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18th Apr2014

Locke – Film

Locke is about a man driving his car down a motorway while fielding phone calls on his hands free mobile phone. That may sound dull but actually...

12th Apr2014

Nebraska – DVD

Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) thinks that he was won $1,000,000.00 because of a letter he received from a company in Lincoln, Nebraska, so he tries to get...

10th Apr2014

Tom at the Farm/Xavier Dolan – Film

At only 24 years old, French Canadian Xavier Dolan already has four films under his belt, all of which have been well received and critically acclaimed. In...

05th Apr2014

Floating Skyscrapers – DVD

There have not been too many Gay & Lesbian films from Poland but in the past year there have been two. The first was ‘In The Name...

03rd Apr2014

I Can’t Sing – Theatre

Dear Simon, you know how much I love you, you are in my thoughts 24/7 and I wouldn’t dream of living a life without you. All my...

02nd Apr2014

Powder Room – DVD

Ever wonder what happens in a woman’s powder room? The new film Powder Room will tell you all about it, more than what you want to know!...

02nd Apr2014

How to Survive a Plague – DVD

How to Survive a Plague (Directed by David France), nominated this past year for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, begins in 1987, six years into what...

30th Mar2014

20 Feet from Stardom – Film

Who are the backup singers behind some of the most famous faces in the music business? The new documentary 20 Feet From Stardom introduces them to us,...

22nd Mar2014

Starred Up – Film

Starred Up is a brutal look into the life of Eric (played by an excellent Jack O’Connell from television’s Skins), a 19 year-old who has been transferred...

22nd Mar2014

Philomena – DVD

Philomena Lee has spent 50 years looking for the son that was taken away from her, while Steve Coogan plays the ex-government official turned journalist who helps...

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