14th Nov2015

Tangerine (Film)

Two transgender prostitutes tear up Santa Monica Boulevard in the brilliant new film ‘Tangerine.’ In a week that also sees the releases of Michael Fassbender in ‘Steve...

12th Nov2015

Steve Jobs (Film)

Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple, has changed the way we communicate with each other. He’s had a fascinating life, but it’s not detailed in...

10th Nov2015
'Elf, The Musical' Performed at the Dominion Theatre, London UK

Elf (Theatre)

The musical adaptation of the hit 2003 film ‘Elf’ is an early Christmas treat for both adults and children alike. If you’ve not seen the film, ‘Elf’...

09th Nov2015

Pasolini (DVD)

Director Abel Ferrera brings us the few days in the life of gay Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini in his new film simply titled ‘Pasolini.’ Ferrera,...

09th Nov2015

Lovesong of the Electric Bear (Theatre)

Alan Turing’s life is told, with the help of his teddy bear, in the new play ‘Lovesong of the Electric Bear.’ Yes, you read it right. It’s...

09th Nov2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.53.56 AM

In The Grayscale (DVD)

Two men, who seem perfect together, fall in love in the new Chilean gay film ‘In the Grayscale.’ We first meet Bruno (Francisco Celhay) in his grandfathers’...

04th Nov2015
Matt Levett as Len in DROWN (3)

Drown (DVD)

Three lifeguards pal around until things turn ugly one night in the new film ‘Drown.’ ‘Drown’ is a film with very ugly overtones. And it’s not even...

03rd Nov2015

Vincent Price Legacy Tour 2015 (Film)

Vincent Price, the star of many horror films, is being celebrated by having his own tour. The Vincent Price London Legacy Tour celebrates not only the actor’s...

01st Nov2015

The Vatican Tapes (Film)

Is there a secret vault in the Vatican where an immense library of all demonic possessions exists? The new film The Vatican Tapes would like you to...

31st Oct2015

San Andreas (DVD)

The eagerly-awaited film San Andreas is one of the worst scripted films in recent memory. It’s also a very frightening and almost realistic look at what could...

25th Oct2015
Grace comforts Henry

Big Eden (DVD)

The award-winning gay romance film Big Eden is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary by being re-released on VOD and Blu-Ray. It’s a film that takes us back to...

25th Oct2015

The New Girlfriend (DVD)

Francois Ozon is back with a film that follows the same winning formula of his previous films – quirky, sweet, funny and dramatic, and a bit off...

21st Oct2015

North V South and Howl (Film)

North V South It’s a battle between the North versus the South UK gangsters in the new release appropriately titled ‘North V South.’ Elliott Tittensor plays Terry...

19th Oct2015

The Program (Film)

Director Stephen Frears brings us the rise, and fall, of cycling champion Lance Armstrong in the new film ‘The Program.’ We all know Armstrong’s story: winner of...

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