23rd Oct2016

I, Daniel Blake (Film)

A middle aged man is down on his luck. He can’t work because he’s got a heart condition while at the same time he’s having trouble navigating...

23rd Oct2016

Ragtime (Theatre)

The U.S. is in turmoil: racial discrimination is rife while immigrants arrive by the boatload to escape feast and famine in their own countries. This could describe...

22nd Oct2016

Photos from the London Film Festival – Film

The stars came out for the BFI London Film Festival, and The Entertainment Website was at almost every single gala! Here’s a selection of photos: From top...

06th Oct2016

BFI London Film Festival has started (Film)

This year’s BFI London Film Festival looks to be one of the best in recent memory. The schedule is loaded with lots of must-see films by A-list...

02nd Oct2016

Deepwater Horizon (Film)

In what is the best action dramatic thriller you’ll see so far this year, ‘Deepwater Horizon’ delivers on all levels. It’s also very inspirational and heartbreaking as...

25th Sep2016

Green Room (DVD)

After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced to fight for their lives in this chilling thriller. The Ain’t Rights are not the most successful...

16th Sep2016

Set the Thames on Fire (Film)

London is slowly being engulfed by water while two young men attempt to survive in a society that’s gone a bit loony in the new film ‘Set...

16th Sep2016

Briefs (Theatre)

There are seven men who strip down to their briefs every night on the Southbank – in a show called ‘Briefs!’ At the London Wonderground right near...

15th Sep2016

I Saw the Light (DVD)

‘I Saw the Light,’ a film about the life of country music legend Hank Williams, was released earlier this year to mostly negative reviews. What could’ve been...

14th Sep2016

Party (Theatre)

There’s a party going on in Vauxhall and you’re all invited! ‘Party,’ a play at the Above the Stag theatre, is about seven gay men who get...

12th Sep2016

Theo & Hugo (Film)

Two men meet at one of Paris’ most popular, and notorious, gay sex clubs, and then embark on an evening with lots of twist and turns, in...

11th Sep2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby Premiere Photos (Film)

The Entertainment Website went to the European Premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby in London’s Leicester Square. In attendance was the whole cast and crew, including Renée Zellweger, Emma...

07th Sep2016
The Naked Magicians Christopher  Wayne & Mike Tyler - Trafalgar Studios 31 Aug - 24 Sep (2)

The Naked Magicians (Theatre)

There are two men who get their kit off every night near Trafalgar Square, and I recommend that you go have a peak!!! These two men are...

03rd Sep2016
Bonar & Law at work

Chicklit (Film)

Four men try to cash in on the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ phenomenom by writing their own racy novel in order to save a local pub in...