13th Feb2016
"Regression" Day 33Photo: Jan Thijs 2014

Regression (DVD)

A detective investigates the case of a young woman who accuses her father of a crime, a crime where there might be more going on, in the...

13th Feb2016

Life (DVD)

There’s a famous photograph of James Dean in Times Square taken by Dennis Stock. It is now a movie called ‘Life.’ The photo, taken in 1955, shows...

06th Feb2016
5th April 1969:  Rock singer Janis Joplin (1943 - 1970).  (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Janis: Little Girl Blue (Film)

Using interviews with childhood friends, former band members, celebrities and her brother and sister, Oscar nominated filmmaker Amy J. Berg has written and directed a documentary that...

06th Feb2016

Everest (DVD)

In 1996, dozens of people tried to get to the top of Mount Everest. Some succeeded, and some died trying. The gripping and realistic ‘Everest’ recounts, in...

30th Jan2016

Dirty Grandpa (Film)

Robert DeNiro and Zac Effron – what were you thinking? Both DeNiro and Effron star in the new rude, crude, and obscene film ‘Dirty Grandpa’. We are...

30th Jan2016

Spotlight (Film)

A true story of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is told in the new film ‘Spotlight.’ In 2002 the Boston Globe published a series of articles...

25th Jan2016

Alright Bitches (Theatre)

Let’s go on a trip to Gran Canaria via Above the Stag Theatre in their newly-penned play ‘Alright Bitches.’ It’s exactly what you would expect from a...

23rd Jan2016

Naz & Maalik (DVD)

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a tough neighborhood to grow up and live in, it’s even tougher if you’re young, black, Muslim and gay. ‘Naz & Maalik’ (Kerwin Johnson Jr....

23rd Jan2016

Legend (DVD)

Tom Hardy is excellent as both the Kray Brothers in the mediocre film ‘Legend’. ‘Legend’ is mediocre because in the way the story is told. It is...

21st Jan2016
Seasons of Larson - Artwork Image

Seasons of Larson – The Life and Times of Jonathan Larson

The Life and Times of Jonathan Larson will be celebrated in the one-off show ‘Seasons of Love’. Who is Jonathan Larson you might ask? He is the...

20th Jan2016
Last Shift_Image1

Last Shift (DVD)

It’s the last shift, and pretty much the end of the road, for rookie Police Officer Jessica Loren in the new DVD release ‘Last Shift.’ Loren (played...

18th Jan2016

GALECA announces film award nominations (Film)

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association comprised of over 130 reputable critics and entertainment journalists nationwide, have released its nominees for the best in movies and...

16th Jan2016
ROOM_DAY8-0047 (2) (1) copy

Room (Film)

A mother and her son are trapped in a room and can’t escape in the very dramatic and suspenseful film ‘Room.’ ‘Room’ will take your breathe away....

16th Jan2016
agatha a. nitecka-000044980008-2

45 Years (DVD)

A 45-year relationship is in trouble after Geoff Mercer receives a letter informing him of news about his first love, which his wife Kate did not know...