26th Nov2016

Jason Bourne (DVD)

Matt Damon is back and is better than ever in the new Bourne film appropriately titled ‘Jason Bourne.’ This is Damon’s fourth outing as the rogue CIA...

22nd Nov2016

La Soiree (Theatre)

The best show in Central London is now playing for a limited time only in Leicester Square – it’s La Soiree! Back in London for a 7th...

22nd Nov2016

Shared Rooms (DVD)

The story of a set of three couples grappling with life, love, and children is told in the new gay comedy ‘Shared Rooms.’ Set in Los Angeles,...

20th Nov2016

Panic (Film)

Andrew (David Gyasi) is afraid to leave his apartment, but when the attractive oriental neighbor in the building across the street from his apartment disappears, he is...

18th Nov2016

Lazy Eye (DVD)

A flame from the past contacts an L.A. graphic designer which puts into doubt the relationship he has with his husband in the new film ‘Lazy Eye.’...

12th Nov2016

Burning Blue (DVD)

In 1995, I saw a play in the West End called ‘Burning Blue’. It was a brilliant telling of a story about the relationship between two gay...

06th Nov2016
Academy Award nominee Amy Adams stars as Susan Morrow in writer/director Tom Ford’s romantic thriller NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, a Universal Pictures International release.
Credit: Merrick Morton/Universal Pictures International

Nocturnal Animals (Film)

Tom Ford’s highly anticipated second film, Nocturnal Animals, is both brilliant and confusing, no thanks to it’s three stories in one arc. Amy Adams is art dealer...

06th Nov2016

Beautiful Something (DVD)

Four gay men, all with issues in their lives, experience a night of mystery and sex in the beautifully told Beautiful Something. Writer Brian (Brian Sheppard) is...

23rd Oct2016

I, Daniel Blake (Film)

A middle aged man is down on his luck. He can’t work because he’s got a heart condition while at the same time he’s having trouble navigating...

23rd Oct2016

Ragtime (Theatre)

The U.S. is in turmoil: racial discrimination is rife while immigrants arrive by the boatload to escape feast and famine in their own countries. This could describe...

22nd Oct2016

Photos from the London Film Festival – Film

The stars came out for the BFI London Film Festival, and The Entertainment Website was at almost every single gala! Here’s a selection of photos: From top...

06th Oct2016

BFI London Film Festival has started (Film)

This year’s BFI London Film Festival looks to be one of the best in recent memory. The schedule is loaded with lots of must-see films by A-list...

02nd Oct2016

Deepwater Horizon (Film)

In what is the best action dramatic thriller you’ll see so far this year, ‘Deepwater Horizon’ delivers on all levels. It’s also very inspirational and heartbreaking as...

25th Sep2016

Green Room (DVD)

After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced to fight for their lives in this chilling thriller. The Ain’t Rights are not the most successful...