15th Sep2016

I Saw the Light (DVD)

‘I Saw the Light,’ a film about the life of country music legend Hank Williams, was released earlier this year to mostly negative reviews. What could’ve been...

14th Sep2016

Party (Theatre)

There’s a party going on in Vauxhall and you’re all invited! ‘Party,’ a play at the Above the Stag theatre, is about seven gay men who get...

12th Sep2016

Theo & Hugo (Film)

Two men meet at one of Paris’ most popular, and notorious, gay sex clubs, and then embark on an evening with lots of twist and turns, in...

11th Sep2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby Premiere Photos (Film)

The Entertainment Website went to the European Premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby in London’s Leicester Square. In attendance was the whole cast and crew, including Renée Zellweger, Emma...

07th Sep2016
The Naked Magicians Christopher  Wayne & Mike Tyler - Trafalgar Studios 31 Aug - 24 Sep (2)

The Naked Magicians (Theatre)

There are two men who get their kit off every night near Trafalgar Square, and I recommend that you go have a peak!!! These two men are...

03rd Sep2016
Bonar & Law at work

Chicklit (Film)

Four men try to cash in on the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ phenomenom by writing their own racy novel in order to save a local pub in...

03rd Sep2016

Equity (Film)

A female investment banker is under pressure to bring to the market a successful IPO but she faces lots of obstacles in the new film ‘Equity.’ Anna...

01st Sep2016

Boys on Film 15: Time and Tied (DVD)

Peccadillo continues to champion gay short films by coming out with their 15th gay shorts compilation. This one’s titled ‘Boys on Film 15: Time and Tied’ and...

30th Aug2016

Golden Years (DVD)

The pensioners in the new DVD release ‘Golden Years’ try to get even at the system that they feel is robbing them. It’s a cute and funny...

30th Aug2016

Film actor Gene Wilder dies

Comedian and Actor Gene Wilder has died at the age of 83 due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease in Stamford, Connecticut. Wilder was a wildly popular actor and...

26th Aug2016

War Dogs (Film)

How did two twentysomethings get into the business of selling arms to the U.S. government? ‘War Dogs’ tells this story. Based on the Rolling Stone article ‘Arms...

21st Aug2016
Holding The Man 1

Holding the Man (DVD)

A moving and very emotional film about a gay couple during the height of the AIDS crises is beautifully told in the new film ‘Holding the Man.’...

15th Aug2016

Where to Invade Next (DVD)

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore finds that there is life (and much better life) outside the United States In his latest documentary, Michael Moore ‘invades’ several countries to...

15th Aug2016

Sing Street (DVD)

It’s 1985 and the music of Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and Spandau Ballet were at the top of the charts. ‘Sing Street’ follows the story of...