22nd Sep2015

Pan press conference (Film)

by timbaros

IMG_5723Here are some quotes from today’s Pan press conference at Claridges.

Attendees were:

Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard)
Levi Miller (Peter)
Rooney Mara (Tiger Lilly)
Garrett Hedlund (Hook)
Joe Wright (Director)
Paul Webster (Producer)

“My son affectionately called me Black & White Beard” – Jackman

Jackman is called ‘the nicest guy in Hollywood’ – Jackman said that his mom calls it manners.

“One of the best experiences of being in the film was working with Levi Miller” – Mara

“Age is more about how you feel, about life rather than the chronological age and wrinkles” – Jackman – “Stay young and have that glint in your eye”

“Filming Pan was an amazing experience, a dream come true” – Miller

“I would buy the cast lottery tickets on Fridays. It’s to make sure the crew stayed after lunch” – Jackman

Miller was asked how he feels now that he’s got to go back to school – he said “I”m not very excited about it.”

On playing an enemy in the movie, Jackman said that his wife said “It was one of the sexiest characters you’ve played”

The press conference lasted 45 minutes.

Photo by Tim Baros @ Claridges Hotel