07th Oct2015

Suffragette press conference

by timbaros

FullSizeRender-1Here are some quotes from today’s Suffragette press conference at The Lanesborough Hotel in London:

Attendees were:

Meryl Streep
Carey Mulligan
Abi Morgan – writer
Sarah Gavron – director

“It was a detective job to unpickle the research. All the stories are buried. Actually, my daughter had a dress-up day at work and two girls were dressed up as Suffragettes” – Morgan

“The term Suffragettes has to do with suffering” – Streep

“When reading the script, I remember Googling to check if this really happened” – Mulligan

“There are so many stories that haven’t been told. There is history that women have been shut out of” – Streep

“I didn’t know that back then the age of marriage was 12, that women had no further claims not only to their names, but to their children and property” – Streep

“It’s about a working girl” – Mulligan

“This film is to mark the achievement of these women. I really understand what women went through to get the vote” – Mulligan

“In making a film like this, it will circle the globe and will make an impact” – Streep

“There are people in the world still living like 1920’s London” – Streep

“This has been (director) Sarah’s passion for ten years” – Morgan

“We were interested in the ordinary woman, to make it connect to all woman today” – Morgan, when asked why Meryl Streep is in the movie for only 5 minutes

“The men’s part were not big enough” – Morgan, when asked why there were no male leads in the film

“I’ve never had to fight” – Mulligan – “We also fight for people who are not in our positions”

“Deeds not words. I let the actions of my life stand as a human being” – Streep, when asked how she participates in women’s activism.
Streep went on to talk about the lack of women in the film industry. She mentioned that on the website Rotten Tomatoes, there are 760 male reviewers compared to 168 women reviewers. She said that on the ‘Tomato-meter’ the website primarily appeals to men. She also mentioned that the London Film Critics Society has 37 men compared to two women. “It’s got to be equal, half and half” – Streep says as the press conference came to an end.